The Leadership Centre®

Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.

The Leadership Centre® — Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.

Training Services

Training Services

Solve-It is pleased to offer a comprehensive menu of training services, tailored to individuals, community groups, professional associations and schools. Each training service is discussion-driven and interactive, including the use of role-plays or other practice activities, and each service can be scheduled on the timeframe of the hosting group.

It is our goal to teach our training participants communicative skills sets that are thought-provoking, game-changing and applicable to their daily interactions with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients. Please peruse our services below to learn more about how we might be a great fit for your group’s conflict resolution needs! For more information, including pricing and scheduling, please contact Wendy Corbett at

Basic Mediation Training

Solve-It! Community Mediation Service is proud to offer training services to all those who seek to learn the valuable art of mediation. Beginning with a foundation of current theories of conflict, as well as an exploration of how mediation is situated within the wide spectrum of conflict resolution options, participants focus on the core principles and developmental objectives of a facilitative model of mediation.

  • Basic Mediation Training (40 Hour): Our most intensive–yet rewarding–training course, the Solve-It! 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training is designed to enhance the natural conflict resolution skill sets of the participants, and to help them identify, develop and practice new skills that will aid them in conducting peaceful and productive conflict conversations. The overall setting of the training is safe, informal and discussion oriented. Each skill set in the Solve-It! 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training is taught with interactive exercises drawn from mediation resources worldwide, and all practice role plays are drawn from actual Solve-It! cases. We provide comprehensive training materials, as well as relevant articles, videos, and best practices information from expert practitioners in the field. In 2011, our 40 hour course became the first basic mediation training program in the country to be certified by the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM). Participants who complete this course are eligible to advance to the Solve-It! Volunteer Mentorship Program, and also meet the requirements to volunteer as a mediator with the East Valley Justice Courts. All participants receive a certificate of completion.
  • Basic Mediation Training (20 Hour): An abbreviated version of our 40-hour course, this training program is designed for busy professionals who wish to build a basic conflict resolution toolkit and to develop and nurture mediation skill sets that can assist and elevate them in their careers. Ideal for organizational groups, this training can be scheduled in five 4-hour blocks, in order to minimize time lost at work. All participants receive a certificate of completion.
  • Supplemental Skill Building & Role Play Session (1 Hour): These short sessions are designed to give former training participants ongoing, advanced practice in conflict resolution skill sets via activities and role plays, as well as to discuss the most current trends and applications of mediation in both community and professional contexts.

Conflict Resolution Workshops

In addition to intensive and practical mediation training courses, Solve-It! Also also offers a comprehensive series of ten training workshops, comprised of broader conflict resolution-themed topics such as “Conflict Resolution Boot Camp,” as well as more nuanced, skill driven topics such as “Facilitating Group Decisions.” Organizations are invited to select the topic(s) that are most valuable to their needs from our established workshop menu, or to work with our staff to customize a workshop or series specific to the organization.

Our training workshops are listed, here, in order from the more basic topics to the more advanced skill set practices. It is highly recommended that “Conflict 101” serve as a prerequisite to the other workshops. All workshops are designed as three-hour teaching teaching/practice modules. For complete descriptions of each workshop, please contact Wendy Corbett at

  • Conflict 101
  • Conflict Resolution Boot Camp
  • Introduction to Solve-It! Community Mediation Service
  • Getting Past Positions
  • Identity and Diversity in Conflict Resolution
  • Communication in Conflict Resolution
  • Listening in Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Facilitating Group Decisions
  • Intergroup Conflict Escalation and Intervention

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a facilitated process that helps students in conflict resolve their disputes and create their own solutions, using shared problem solving. Trained peer mediators serve as neutral third parties to help participants reach an agreement that is both mutually fair and reasonable.

The Peer Mediation process is:

  • Voluntary
  • Confidential
  • Impartial

Most importantly, Peer Mediation puts conflict back into the hands of the students, giving them a sense of ownership of their problems, and creating within them an investment in collaborative resolution processes. Peer mediation is a highly effective resource for a wide range of issues—from diversity or behavioral challenges to rumors and online bullying!

The foundation of the Solve-It! Peer Mediation Program was designed in 2006 in collaboration with a panel of East Valley K-12 students, parents, teachers, and community volunteers, who brainstormed together for key concepts that they felt essential to a successful peacemaking curriculum. We believe that the work of this dynamic group set the groundwork for a truly unique training program that not only teaches important conflict resolution skills, but also builds and strengthens relationships–even through the most difficult of issues.

Since 2006, we have worked to further improve our program by adopting and customizing the internationally celebrated curriculum initiative, Peer Mediators. Leveraging the latest research and trends in peer mediation, our program is activity-driven to keep students engaged, fully customizable to each school’s specific needs, and operates on an open door policy for parents and teachers for optimal learning. Best of all, it’s fun and affordable!

Key Concepts Covered:

  • Conflict Styles
  • Qualities of a Peer Mediator
  • The Stages of the Mediation Process
  • Active Listening & Questioning Techniques
  • Nonverbal Communication & Body Language
  • “Wants” vs. “Needs”
  • Dealing with Difficult Conflict Situations
  • Diversity and Self-Awareness
  • Brainstorming for Solutions to Problems
  • Working as a Team

It is our goal that students will carry the problem-solving skills that they learn in mediation training back into their schools, homes and communities, contributing to a more positive social environment and increased levels of civic engagement. In addition, studies have shown that peer mediation programs lead to:

  • The resolution of minor disputes that interfere with the education process
  • A stronger sense of cooperation and school community
  • Improvement of the school climate by decreasing tension and hostility
  • Increased student participation, self-esteem and the development of both leadership skills and practical life skills.

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