The Leadership Centre®

Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.

The Leadership Centre® — Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Nosy neighbors? Barking dogs disturbing your sleep? Consider seeking mediation to help resolve your woes! Mediation is a fast, fair and cost-effective way to settle disputes that might otherwise end up in court or require additional involvement and resources from police, code enforcement or other municipal entities.

In mediation, people involved in conflict are invited to voluntarily sit down with trained mediators to talk about the issues of concern in a productive and peaceful manner–to explain the situation, express needs, and generate options for future action. Solve-It! Community Mediation Service’s volunteer mediators facilitate the entire process, ensuring that all voices are acknowledged and heard and that the conversation does not linger too long on the past, but focuses on future, reparative actions.

Solve-It Mediation:

  • is voluntary, confidential and full resolution to the dispute can generally be reached in a few hours.
  • strives towards a win-win solution and helps parties to avoid risk since no one knows with certainty what will occur when a case goes to court.
  • seeks to resolve disputes to the satisfaction of all parties while preserving positive relationships. Voluntary and mutual agreements leave open the possibility for future relationships.
  • is conducted by skilled, impartial mediators whose goal it is to help you find solutions. The process can transform disputants by creating a new understanding of other views to the situation.
  • may be initiated at any point before or during the legal process, whether or not you have an attorney.
  • allows participants to learn how to improve their conflict resolution and communication skills so that the next time they encounter a problem, they can resolve it on their own.

We currently offer mediation and facilitation services for a wide range of community issues. Our highly trained volunteer mediators each bring special backgrounds, talents and skills to the conflict resolution table, and are adept at working with clients to achieve full resolution to their disputes! In fact, thanks to Solve-It! volunteer mediators, we have a 98% success rate helping our clients reach mutually satisfactory, written agreements that are still being upheld in 6-month follow-up interviews!

The most common cases that Solve-It! mediates are:

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues – including security deposit disputes and rental property maintenance/responsibility
  • HOA Board Issues – including internal board relations and board/resident communication
  • Animal Issues – including problems with barking dogs, feral cats and horse properties
  • Property & Contract Issues – including workmanship, development, easement disputes and maintenance concerns
  • Interpersonal Issues – including harassment and the neighborhood “rumor mill”

The Solve-It! Mediation Process

When you contact Solve-It!, you will instantly be in touch with a crew of highly trained case developers who will be happy to provide you with the information and resources that you need to find resolution to your community-level conflict. A typical case will follow this process:

  1. You contact us, either via phone (480-420-MED8), email ( or online via our convenient Request Mediation form. We will gather a brief description of the conflict that you are experiencing, including what, if any, legal and/or other steps have been taken to resolve the issue up until this point. Case developers will review the information and provide resources to individuals/groups who have cases that are not appropriate for community-level mediation with Solve-It! Community Mediation Service (divorce/child custody, domestic or other social violence, injunctions against harassment, etc.).
  2. If the case is appropriate for mediation, we will then conduct further case development with you–once again, either via phone (480-420-MED8), email ( or online via our convenient Case Intake – Requestor form. The fee for the initiation process is $25.00 and is payable by check or credit card prior to the case being officially opened (see the fee structure below for more info).
  3. Upon completion of the intake form and receipt of the case development consultation fee, a letter and intake packet is sent to the party(ies) being invited to mediation. All correspondence is copied to the requestor and kept on file in our office.
  4. If there is a response to the letter, the case is developed accordingly: closed by request (resolved on own), declined, or sent on to mediation session.
  5. If there is no response after 1-2 weeks, a second letter is issued to the respondent and copied to the requester. If there is no response after the second letter, a final letter is issued to both parties, outlining a decline due to unresponsiveness.
  6. If all parties agree to mediation and the case advances, the Program Coordinator works with all parties to determine a convenient meeting location and time.

Mediation Service Fee Structure*

General Mediation Services for the Phoenix-Metro area (including Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties):

  • Professional Case Development and Coordination: $25.00 from both requestor and responding party(ies)
  • Large-Group Facilitation Fee: $75.00 per hour (pre-meeting consultation and post-meeting follow-up included for free!)

With a 98% success rate in achieving successful and complete resolution to the issues brought to the Solve-It! Mediation table, this truly is a win-win option!

*Payments are accepted in the following forms: checks (made payable to “The Leadership Centre”) and credit card. If you wish to pay via credit card, please indicate this in your correspondence with case managers, who will direct your invoice to our executive director.

Don’t let the issues escalate: request mediation today!