The Leadership Centre®

Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.

The Leadership Centre® — Providing education and mediation services to Arizona neighborhoods.


Training Services FAQs

Are there discounts available for Basic Mediation training?

Solve-It! currently has two annual scholarships (for the FULL price of the training: a $500.00 value!) available to those who wish to take the training, but have financial need. These scholarships are highly competitive and are selected by the Board of Directors based upon the applicant’s desire to learn and promote community conflict resolution through volunteerism. There are two scholarships available per training course. To learn more and to obtain an application, please contact Wendy at


I would really like to become a mediator, but I cannot arrange my schedule to fit the time requirements of the Solve-It! 40-Hour training–are there any other options?

We understand that a 40-Hour time commitment, especially during the work week, is often hard to make, but we ask that you consider the benefits that our training will provide for you not only in your career and volunteer interests, but even in your basic daily interactions. This is not only a certification course, but a valuable learning experience. We will be happy to work with you to provide any documentation that your employer may need to justify your time and efforts.

If the time frames that we provide simply do not suit your schedule, however, we do offer alternatives: 1) an abbreviated 20 Hour Mediation Training course, and 2) “classes upon request” for groups of 8 or more, customized to your particular groups training needs from our menu of Conflict Resolution Workshops.  We will bring our training services to your group on the schedule that is most convenient to everyone! For more details, please email


I have completed the Solve-It! 40-Hour Mediation Training Course: now what?

Congratulations! Being a mediator is stimulating and fun! Mediators enjoy helping people resolve their disputes and improve their relationships in the future. Most people find that mediation skills enhance their careers, abilities to parent, leadership skills and overall communication effectiveness.

As you incorporate mediation into your life, career and/or volunteer experiences, consider participating in The Leadership Centre’s Advanced Mediation Techniques classes to keep your skills sharp and to learn of the newest trends in community conflict resolution. Also, consider joining state and national organizations, such as the National Association for Community Mediation or the Association for Conflict Resolution, which are excellent resources for learning, networking, and even job searches in mediation!


What options are there in Arizona for a career as a mediator?

Mediation is an extremely rewarding experience, and, chances are, once you become involved with it, you’ll be hooked! While paid positions with courts or community mediation services such as Solve-It! are very few and far between, there are local opportunities for you to pursue a career by establishing yourself as a mediator in the private sector.

Developing a mediation practice requires substantial time and dedication. You must be willing to take training, research the mediation “market” for your niche, and do plenty of pro bono work to establish your name. We find that people are more likely to be satisfied and successful in a mediation career if they are motivated by a passion for the process, rather than the hope of achieving an immediate income.

We suggest, in your quest for a career in dispute resolution, that you first complete a 40-Hour Basic Mediation training course, such as the one offered by Solve-It! Community Mediation Service. Basic mediation training is generally recognized around the country as an essential foundational step to becoming a mediator. We also encourage you to seek out the many opportunities state and nation-wide for specialized mediation trainings, such as family, victim/offender, or corporate. Successful mediators are communication experts–they are highly trained, experienced and skilled. Learn and practice as much as you can.

There are, currently, no standard certification requirements to practice as a private mediator in the state of Arizona; however, it is important to note that if you are going to mediate in the private sector and receive income from it, there are certain requirements you must meet (See Rule 31 of the Arizona Supreme Court).

Mediation skills are applicable to almost any career, even if you don’t regularly practice mediation itself. For more information, email Solve-It! Program Coordinator Wendy Corbett at


I have completed a 40-hour mediation training course elsewhere–am I still eligible to be a volunteer mediator with Solve-It?

Absolutely! Just provide our offices with proof of your completion of a 40-Hour Mediation Training course and schedule an interview with our Program Coordinator to discuss specific Solve-It! procedures and practices that you should be aware of. We will put you in the Solve-It! Volunteer Mentorship program right away, so that you may observe Solve-It! mediation in action–no one will just be “thrown in” to volunteer mediator status without opportunity to build your knowledge and confidence!


Mediation Services FAQs

Is there a charge for mediation services?

Fees for our services range. Please see the Solve-It! fee structure.


Can I bring my children to a mediation session?

We ask that you make arrangements for your children to be tended while you participate in mediation services.

Our primary concern is that we have the appropriate people at the table. In order for a mediation session to be the most productive experience, only those in a decision-making capacity regarding the case should be represented, so that all information is shared and no terms of agreement are made that cannot be followed through with later due to oversights and/or technicalities. For this reason, we do not permit youth under the age of 18 to participate in community-level mediation sessions at this time.


I have several neighbors who would also like to be involved in my case– should they all be at the mediation?

It is very common for a number of people to wish to attend a mediation session as supporters of one “side” of the issue or another. Again, it is important in a mediation session that all parties present have a legitimate stake in the issues being discussed or the decisions made therein. While many supporters may fall into this category, those who do not may be distracting to the resolution process, and we ask that they defer to 1 or 2 spokespeople or representatives who may express their concerns at the mediation table. If you’re not sure who should be at the table, Solve-It! case developers will work with you to help determine such.


Are there mediation services available for Spanish-speaking residents?

Yes! Solve-It! is pleased to offer our mediation services to Spanish-speaking community members, through a team of highly trained bilingual volunteers.


I am in the middle of court proceedings for a conflict–can I still seek mediation for my case?

Believe it or not, mediation may be helpful at any stage of a conflict! If you are currently in the middle of court proceedings in an East Valley Justice Court and would like to seek mediation services, please contact your judge or a court clerk and tell them of your interest. They are usually happy to assist with any temporary suspensions of your case as you seek alternative resolution, and we are more than happy to provide the court with a case disposition notice.


What can I expect as an outcome of mediation?

Solve-It! has a 98% success rate in achieving a mutually satisfying, written agreement during one mediation session. This statistic is derived from 6-month follow-up phone calls to our mediation clients in which they are asked if the terms of the agreement are being followed and are working out.

While Solve-It! agreements are not legally binding or enforceable, (unless the clients wish to involve attorneys in the mediation process, which is also acceptable), we have found time and time again that when folks are given the opportunity to construct and “hash out” their own terms of agreement, they are much more likely to comply completely with those terms, because they have ownership.


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